TIP: A quick Excel keyboard trick for selecting large ranges [techrepublic.com]

posted a really neat little Excel tip in the TechRepublic MS Office blog:

You’ll want to add this quick selection trick to your repertoire. It’s handy when the range isn’t a complete data range or it comprises more than one data range.

You probably know about the [F5] key – pressing [F5] opens the Go To dialog. You enter a range name or a cell reference, click OK, and Excel selects a range or cell, accordingly. It’s a quick and easy way to get from one spot to another. What you might not know is that you can use this feature to select a range, where no range exists. Excel uses the current cell as the top-left anchor cell and you enter the bottom-right anchor cell (or vice versa). Excel will select everything in between, including the two anchor cells. The trick is to hold down the [Shift] key.

Example/illustration here.

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